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2003 Annual Report - Azusa Pacific University
[A Guardian of God’s Work]  
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A Guardian of God's Work  

All friends of Azusa Pacific support the university’s people and programs through their God-given gifts and abilities. In most cases, that involves a commitment of prayer, participation, and often financial support. In Bill Avery’s case, “friend” seems an inadequate moniker for the service he provides.

As overseer of APU’s insurance matters, Avery ensures that the university’s policies protect the Azusa Pacific family throughout day-to-day campus activities as well as the innovative programs that characterize the institution. He literally safeguards the university, enabling the students, faculty, and leaders to function as God has called.“My work is my ministry,” said Avery, who also handles the insurance policies for several other Christian universities, church denomination headquarters, and other nonprofit organizations. “It is the heart of who I am. I am a Christian first and a businessman second. This is the work God gave me – this ministry of support.”

Avery strongly believes that part of his call is to step beyond the business relationship and support his clients personally. “Investment in Christian higher education is a wise move,” he said. “Christian universities prepare students like no other institution can. Graduates are uniquely equipped to go out into the world and lead with confidence and purpose. This is the kind of student I see produced at APU. It is a dynamic atmosphere with wise leadership and a strong history of steady growth and purpose.”

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