Team Barbados

by Focus International

Team Barbados partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship where they ran several Vacation Bible Schools for local children. The team visited local schools, holding Bible clubs featuring crafts and a puppet show. The children loved every minute they spent with the APU students.

Team Barbados received special permission from the government to go into an orphanage that had been closed to visitors prior to their trip. The government allowed the team to share the Gospel, play with the children, and hold a barbeque. The children sang and performed for the team.

One of the team's favorite memories of the trip was a sharing night when team members performed songs and poetry they had written about their time in Barbados. The team fell in love with the people of Barbados, with their personalities and hospitality captivating them.

At one point during their trip, a team member was able to preach in a church service about the importance of communion. Because of his preaching experience, he felt God calling him to pursue that area and to continue to preach whenever possible.