Team Cambodia/Singapore

by Focus International

Although the Team Cambodia/Singapore was few in numbers, that didn't stop them from reaching many! The team worked primarily with local pastors and churches in both Cambodia and Singapore. The team was able to travel to several provinces (rural villages) and lead worship services. The sharing of testimonies and sermons was accompanied by singing with local church choirs.

"My teammates and I agree that Bantey Meanchey was the highlight of our trip," said Faith Lee, team leader. "Many missionaries were discouraged from going there because of the tough trip to the outskirts. The discomfort of showering with murky water, bathrooms without toilet paper, and sleeping on straw mats underneath the mosquito nets in the church hall that is not well ventilated just adds to the many reasons they have. Yet, we felt that God had moved in such tremendous ways there. None of us left untouched. The love of the villagers, the joy on the faces of the orphans, the hospitality and service of the church elders, and the presence of Christ was so evident in the midst of His people. I'm left speechless and in awe of His love for His people.

"God;s love for Cambodia has been evident since day one of our trip," Lee continued. "I can still remember sitting in the airport of Siem Riep, waiting for transit to Phnom Penh. I asked God to give me His heart for Cambodia. Immediately, I felt an immense heartache and love for the land. It was so deep that it was indescribable. Later at Toul Sleng, the genocide museum, we learned about the hurt and wounds of the country. It was then we realized why the country had lost hope. Only Jesus Christ could give them hope. God yearns so deeply to reach out to them. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Let's continue to pray for more laborers into the country."