Team Ecuador

by Focus International

Team Ecuador worked in the capitol city of Quito, as well as in the jungle. The team worked with an orphanage, a local church, the city dump, Pan de Vida (an organization helping street kids), and with a small Indian village of the Waorani tribe. The following is an excerpt about their time with the street kids:

"They are an incredible group of kids and we have all grown to love them so much. I think that we are learning just as much from them as they are learning from us. Our group has been blessed to hear their simple prayers of gratitude and praise to God. It has been so awesome to see how everyone's talents are coming out and the joy that these kids can bring. In the mornings we do work in the building such as painting, building shelves, etc. and in the afternoon we have a time of VBS with the kids. Then we feed them dinner and spend some more time with them. We never would have guessed we could love a group of boys so much!"

During their time in the jungle, Team Ecuador worked alongside the Waorani people to build outhouses in order to keep the river and drinking water from being contaminated. The Waorani people were very grateful for the help Team Ecuador offered. The team was challenged by the simplicity of life and in awe of the power and beauty of our Lord. They would like to thank all their supporters for their help and prayers. Your prayers were felt and very much appreciated!