Team Haiti

by Focus International

The 11-member Haiti team was based at UNCH (University Christian de Norte Haiti). More than 100 young people and kids attended the Team Haiti music camp. The camp included teaching in music fundamentals, music theory, music history, a Jazz workshop, private lessons on French horn, saxophone, and clarinet, and interpretive movement/worship dance.

The team's medical group braved rough roads, mangrove swamps, knee-deep rivers, and rocky trails to reach seven rural villages where they served more than 1,600 people. In addition to health and hygiene information, they conducted physicals, treated wounds, gave medications, and made referrals to other health care agencies. "We truly learned what it is to "give a cup of cold water" in His name! We are grateful we had the opportunity to serve HIM in Haiti," said a Team Haiti member. "I am so thankful that God called me on this trip. I really wish I was still there; I know that I'm never going to be the same. Already people around me have noticed how I look at things differently."

LucSon, a young Haitian man whose family was deep into voodoo ritual, accepted Jesus as Savior, was delivered from the horror and grip of Satan, and was healed by the Holy Spirit while the medical team ministered to him daily by bandaging his ritual voodoo wounds. Macley Payoute, and Emmanuel Pierre were set free to know and worship our Lord more intimately as they wholeheartedly participated and helped lead the chapels, playing their instruments and dancing before our Lord! They are now equipped to return to their Haitian churches with the confidence to teach with a greater love of the Father to give.