Team Japan

by Focus International

Team Japan partnered with local churches as well as volunteered their time in several orphanages. The following is an excerpt from reflections posted on the team's website: "We have spent our time at an orphanage called Onchoen, where there are about 50 kids currently. The kids are full of life and are quite energetic. As such, we are all a bit tired. We have also helped out here at the church that we have been staying at. Yesterday, we assembled tracks and delivered them to homes and condominiums in the area. It was sad because we ran out of tracks so soon...there are so many people here in Japan that need to be touched."

After their time at one of the orphanages, Team Japan worked with at Senriyama Community Church in Senriyama. "We have been involved here in various activities with the children's Sunday school, the adult Sunday services, teaching the congregation to swing dance, and the reconstruction of the church dormitory floor," said a team member.