Team Kenya

by Focus International

Team Kenya partnered with Empowering Lives International, traveling from village to village, running women's programs, children's ministry, and going door to door visiting with the people. The following was sent in an email to team supporters: "It has been incredible to already see how God is using each of us. At some points, we were overwhelmed with the love and joy of the Kenyan people and can barely take it all in. Sunday afternoon, we held a children's program for over 100 kids, and shared the story of Daniel and the lion's den. I think for each of us there are very few words to describe what God is doing in and through us."

"The eyes and smiles of the Kenyans clearly depict the love of our God," said team leader Sandy Caminiti. Stacie Champine was also moved by the people and shared the following: "What an amazing God we serve! I continue to stand in awe of God's faithfulness to this people. I am blown away by the unconditional love He has shown me through the beautiful people here in Kenya. My heart is forever changed through the joy I have experienced."