Team Thailand

by Focus International

Team Thailand partnered with Rahab Ministries and the International Justice Mission (IJM) to observe, witness, and engage in the struggle against oppression. The trip was both educational and outreach focused.

The women on the team spent time talking to many Thai prostitutes and conveying the deep love that Jesus has for them. The team was heartbroken for the Thai girls, who for many are being held against their will, have been abandoned by family, and see no hope for the future. The men talked to foreign visitors who take advantage of the Thai girls, passed out tracts, and did prayer walking. The team was also able to set up a health clinic and educate many of the prostitutes about AIDS and other sexual related diseases.

Working with the IJM in Chiang Mai, the team began to understand the seriousness of the problem of prostitution. Women and girls are abducted and sold into brothels where they are brutally forced to provide sex to customers. Many Thai girls are trafficked across national borders with false promises of jobs and then compelled into submission by threats and torture.

In one bar, three of our women team members, along with a woman from Rahab Ministries, were able to convince two 14-year-old Thai prostitutes to leave"a very rewarding and unforgettable experience.