Tem West China

by Focus International

A small team of two traveled to China to teach English and American culture. On their journey, many new relationships were built.

"For three weeks, we taught and learned about the colorful cultures in the far western region of China," said team member Elizabeth Eagleton. "We taught English and American Culture in a summer camp program at the Xinjiang Institute of Finance and Economics. The students were very interested in American culture, and between teaching and having special events (movie nights, birthday parties, game nights) we were able to share with the students much about American life!

"Western China varies drastically from Eastern China, by having many ethnic minority groups, some with Middle Eastern heritage. While in Xinjiang, we rode a camel in the desert, drank mare's milk, and ate our favorite local dish: lamb shish kabobs. To end our time in China, we spent a week in Beijing at an international conference for Christians."

Team Western China stayed with Jean Aiyu, APU alumnus, and met Nathaniel Daeger and Rob Foster, both of whom are working toward master's degrees through APU's Operation Impact Program.