Team Utah - 2002

by Focus International

Rather than soaking up the sun on an exotic beach, Team Utah spent their Easter break sharing the love of Christ. While on the trip, the thing we learned the most was the value of relationships. This is something that we had stressed during our training, but after multiple conversations and raw experience in the community, this was brought very much to life in each of our minds and hearts. We can honestly say that lives were impacted.

On our team, many hearts were set a fire with a passion for the Church of the Latter-day Saints. We set out to share Jesus' love, and with the help of the local church in Utah, we were able to do just that. In addition to the leaders, there are a number of team members who are strongly considering full-time ministry in Utah or with Mormons, some of which were the least expected candidates before we left for the week. God really used our time in Utah to grow us as men and women of Christ.

It was refreshing to see the body of Christ at work in Utah and to see how we fit into that picture as short-term missionaries. We will never forget our experience with the lonely little old lady in Orem; the guy selling LDS tapes at the mall in Salt Lake; the couple we met from from St. George at the In-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas; the searching girls on the streets of St. George; the Brigham Young University professor at Zion; and the many other people we encountered during our time in Utah.