Team Zambia

by Focus International

Team Zambia participated in a variety of ministries through Christian Alliance for Children (CACZ). The team spent the majority of their time working with children in various community schools, which are held in church buildings and run by volunteer teachers. Since government schools require school fees and uniforms, there are many children that could potentially fall through the cracks because of their lack of money.

Team members was involved with two crisis nurseries for infants and toddlers who have either been abandoned or given up by their parents because they did not have the necessary resources to care for them. The team spent time primarily teaching, playing with the children, and assisting nurses in the nurseries.

The team also had the opportunity to work with Campus Crusade for Christ and go into the bush of Zambia to a village called Msoro, meaning "darkness." They were able to share the Jesus film in the people's native tongue with an invitation to accept Christ following the film.

"I learned a lot about patience, seeing that efficiency is not a strong point in Africa, but rather patience and relationships are important," said Team Zambia member Kevin Satterlee. "I also learned what it means to roll with the punches and really trust God and to be generally content in every situation."