by Christa Bixby

Thrown into a world completely unknown

Faced with poverty, apartheid, diversity Our color, white, is the only thing shown Constant reminder of their suppressed animosity

Race, no longer neglected or unspoken

Appearance screams guilty though completely innocent Forced to own up to our prejudices, to this world we have broken No longer okay just to remain silent

Injustice - blatantly seen through continuation of life in the shacks Ripped out of their homes, belittled, given nothing Can only understand their pain through very small cracks Ashamed, we seem to have everything

Once said it was US who they felt sorry for No consistent struggle or pain, no fear - thus no need for a Savior Our greedy thoughts compel us to only want more Yet their eyes show pure joy, content in loving their Creator

Not focused on materials, but the love of each other They truly know how to be a light in this darkness If only we could see all people as a sister or brother And adapt this aspect of forgiveness

Ironically, finding ourselves through those we don't know Away from the places and people who once defined our identity This separation, this acculturation forces us to grow Pushed beyond our own human ability

God, our God - one and the same

Universally present throughout the heart and mind He placed us here purposefully, picked us by name Not just coincidence, but his will and ours entwined

Originally thinking we came here to make a difference But this difference was made within each of us No longer can we use the excuse of naivety We are called, we are challenged to live with one focus

Focus on one Lord, one God, one King

Through him striving to change, to heal, to love all Having utmost faith in the salvation he will bring If only we stand up to answer this call

- Christa Bixby