APU's SIFE Launch New Azusa Soccer League

by Brittany Rohde '08

Clouds proved they could not hide the enthusiasm radiating from Azusa’s young soccer players on Saturday, March 8. The Azusa United Soccer League (AUSL) hosted it's grand kick-off to introduce Azusa families to the newly created soccer league. Aiming their focus toward Azusa’s young and aspiring soccer players between ages 6 and 12, the league offers a solution to Azusa’s lack of children’s soccer programs. Merging their efforts and sponsorship, United Ministries, Inc. and Azusa Pacific's School of Business and Management Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) partnered to fund and support the new league. With their aid, fundraising and savings are the driving forces behind AUSL.

Leading the initiative, APU business major and director of AUSL, Jessica Otto, proved successful in congregating Azusa’s young soccer players at the kick-off. The Estrada children, who attended the soccer bash, were filled with excitement and anticipation. Their mother, Maria Inez Perez, said the league provided an opportunity for her kids to play; a time that would be uninterrupted by the other demands. Jose Castilla, father of Maricio Castillo, explained that AUSL helps his child gain more interest in sports, reinforcing interaction and team building.

Using the grand kick-off as the first step in AUSL’s program, each young soccer player was assigned a team during Saturday's event. The teams are scheduled to practice every Thursday, followed by weekly games held on Saturday. Thanks to the creation of AUSL, the future looks brighter for Azusa’s young and talented soccer players.