Local Youth Join Robin Hood at APU

by Brittany Robinson '08

Azusa Renaissance, an alliance between APU theater students, theater alumni, and local youth, presented the medieval classic, Robin Hood, on the APU stage for two weekends in May.

Directed by Monica Ganas, Ph.D., professor, Department of Theater, Film, and Television, Robin Hood tells the story of the famous outlaw of Sherwood and his Merry Band. Enemy of the privileged and powerful, friend of the poor and oppressed, Robin pursues true justice in Nottingham until the king’s return.

“Theater has been shown to greatly enhance the lives of young people,” said Ganas. “More importantly and less measurably, imaginations are invigorated, souls are revived and alternate scenarios of life’s problems and possibilities are created.”

The coming together of alumni, current students, and, perhaps, future students, allowed the audience to experience the abundant talent extending beyond APU’s campus. More than 30 local youth added energy to the stage and participated in a variety of entertaining ways. From tap dancing to being part of Robin Hood’s Merry Band, they stole the show.

“The best part of the performance was working with the kids. They are the heroes of the show,” said Zac Currier, who played Robin Hood. “They were so fun to work with and they told the story so well."

Each May, Azusa Renaissance performs classic tales. Past performances have included *Cinderella, Peter Pan, *and *The Little Mermaid.*