APU Welcomes New Students

by Randi Van Wyk '09

On August 29, an organized commotion of enthusiasm took over Azusa Pacific University as New Student Orientation 2008 kicked off the school year. Undergraduate students and their families were welcomed into their new APU family by fellow students, staff, and faculty. "I have loved meeting so many of the new incoming students," said Jessica Walker, senior resident advisor. "It is amazing that we get to be a part of this transition into so many of their lives." Amidst the numerous trips to Wal-Mart and Target, students began to transition into their new roles as college freshmen, embracing the Christ-centered community APU is known for and taking steps toward their awaiting responsibilities and freedoms. The weekend was filled with student and parent activities including the Cougar Cornerstone Fair, President's Picnic, and a worship and dedication service. Fun activities like Good Times, a series of skits about campus life put on by upperclassmen, allowed students to continue the orientation process throughout the week. The orientation experience created fun, informative, and meaningful memories for both parents and students. Life as a Cougar has officially begun for these new students.