Day of Prayer Brings APU Together

by Karla Shirvanian

On June 26, APU hosts its eighth annual Day of Prayer. Each year, the university closes down for the day, allowing the faculty and staff to gather spending time in prayer, fellowship, and solitude with God.

Intentionally held on the last working day of the fiscal year, the event offers a time to thank God for His provision for the year just passed and seek Him for the year ahead.

Each year, the day’s structure changes to reflect the new scripture passage chosen for the university. The passage centers on the Beatitudes and lends itself to the day’s theme: Upside Down. Andrew Barton, senior director of development in the Office of University Advancement, explained that the passage emphasizes those things that are of value in God’s Kingdom. The things that society sees as weakness and insufficiency are the tenants of God’s Kingdom.

“The story of APU is one of God’s providence and blessings over 110 years. The many stories woven through our history of APU faculty, staff, students, and administrators coming to God with desperate needs and then witnessing His provision are without a doubt one of the cornerstones of our faith,” said APU President Jon Wallace, DBA. “I am so pleased that we give a day every year near the end of our fiscal year to bring our thanks to Him and to humbly request His help for the coming year. As a community the Day of Prayer keeps us dependent on God for our needs. To me personally, it is a time to recalibrate my heart in service and obedience to His call on my life and to remember the many blessings He brings.”

The vision of the Day of Prayer since it was first established in 2001 has been to bring faculty and staff to an intentional stopping place where they are able to listen for God’s still, small voice in the midst of busy days. The day also allows faculty and staff to be reminded of their purpose at APU as they come together to pray as a community.

At this year’s Day of Prayer, the morning will include, worship, prayer, and reflection time. Jon Wallace will offer a message as will guest speaker Professor of Family Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary Cameron Lee. Bill Catling, APU’s chair in the Department of Art, will also lead a session on praying through art. The afternoon involves more group and corporately led prayer, both spoken and creative, and a time of communion.