Psychology Club Builds Connections Between Students and Faculty

by Sarah Reinhart '10

Azusa Pacific University’s student-led Psychology Club seeks to bring psychology majors, minors, and faculty members together under a shared interest: the academic study of psychology. Because psychology is one of the largest majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), it is easy for students to have difficulty getting to know their peers. Therefore it is important to intentionally make connections with other students who share similar academic interests. “[Psychology Club is] highly involved on the APU campus and serves as an academic and social resource for psychology majors. Specifically, we offer events that will prepare them academically and professionally for their future careers in the field of psychology,” said Natalie Wolfers ’11, Psychology Club president.

Though primarily for psychology majors and minors, the club is open to anyone who is interested in psychology. Membership includes a one-time fee of $5, but its participants gain a wealth of academic resources, including pre-academic advising with an experienced psychology major, APA style symposiums and seminars, practice GRE tests, special guest lectures, and more. “Psychology Club’s events have made me more tuned in to the field of psychology as a whole, as well as the opportunities available for me in the future. It has also enabled me to connect with other like-minded psychology students who want to make the most of their time here at APU,” said Susan Price Wolf ’10, Psychology Club vice president.

Annual events include the Professor Potluck, which invites students to share an informal meal with faculty members in the Department of Undergraduate Psychology, Psychology Quiz Bowl, which challenges the academic knowledge learned in class at the end of each semester, and most recently, Walk Now for Autism Speaks. This last event, which was introduced and is sponsored by Autism Speaks, the United States’ largest science, fundraising, and advocacy organization for children diagnosed with autism, happens all over the nation. Several precursor events to the walk will be held between now and when the event takes place on April 24, 2010.

For more information about membership or events, contact Wolfers at, Price Wolf at, or visit the Official APU Psychology Club Facebook page.