Welcome Class of 2014

by Ahmed Sedam '11

September is here, and another school year is about to begin. For new students, the first year of college brings excitement, independence, and a new chapter in life, where the possibilities seem endless. Such feelings bode true for this year’s incoming class, the largest in APU history. Meet a few members of APU’s class of 2014:

Stephanie Lizarraga ’14 hails from Glendora and plans to major in business at APU. "I am absolutely excited to attend Azusa Pacific, to live on campus, and meet new and amazing people," said Lizarraga. "My sister is in her senior year here, and hearing about her experience thus far has made me want to attend APU. I feel APU will help mold me into the person I will be for the rest of my life."

Paul Flores II ’14, from Baldwin Park, has not yet declared a major and plays football for the Cougars. "APU just seemed like the right fit for me, no other school was quite the same. I felt really comfortable here and I love the coaching staff and football program," said Flores. "I've only been on campus for four weeks and it already feels like home. You can't beat Southern California weather and the Christian environment is great. The combination of that and being able to be a part of a fantastic football program is what makes APU special to me." Megan Roth ’14 is from Simi Valley and plans to pursue a degree in graphic design. "I was always set on attending art school in New York, but God changed things in my life and made it clear that APU is where he wanted me,” said Roth. "When I took the chance to visit APU, I was blown away by the sense of community on campus. I could feel the desire people had for the Lord and I could no longer imagine myself anywhere else. I am very excited to learn, meet new people, and most importantly grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ." Sammy Santillano ’14, from Covina, looks forward to being business administration major. “I really wanted to attend a Christian university, and with the motto God First, APU was the perfect place for me," said Santillano. "I’m really looking forward to fellowshipping with other students that have the same interests and goals as I do. The small number of students who study here make it seem like this is a community, not just a place of higher learning, and that what makes APU special to me. I am very excited; this is going to be a great year." Kimberly Johnson ’14 hails from Glendora and is a marketing major. “I am so excited about attending APU. I am looking forward to making new friends, and growing in my relationship with God. I joined many clubs on my high school campus, one of which being the Christian club. Many of the seniors that I looked up to talked excitedly about attending Azusa Pacific University. Ever since then, APU has been my top choice for college," said Johnson. "I am also looking forward to the small student-teacher ratio because I feel APU’s small class sizes will be beneficial to my academic success." These are just a few of the more than 1,200 students who are taking the next step in their journey at APU. College is an exciting time and these students are ready to begin.