Seven Things Every Undergrad Should Do over Christmas Break

by Jaime Garispe '11

1. Sleep—it never looked better.

Some of us may remember running away from our parents when naptime was announced, but now we have learned to appreciate it as one of life’s greatest gifts. The break is a good time to experiment with kicking that caffeine addiction, too.

2. Enjoy home, sweet home.

For many college students, the annual tradition of returning home for Christmas break is the best excuse to lounge on the couch in a bathrobe and enjoy all of the great things that most college apartments lack. Yes, there was indeed a time when the food in the fridge was plentiful, cable existed, and you didn’t have to beat everyone else home in order to secure a parking spot. Also, no more flip-flops in the shower.

3. Take time for personal improvement.

Remember the days when pajamas were different from the clothes you wore out in public?

4. Return your books.

Whether you actually opened them or not, they usually retain some value. Return them for extra cash to spend during the holidays!

5. Get some laundry done!

No one wants to pay $2.50 per load to do laundry in a community laundry room. Use your parents' washer and dryer for free. And remember, keep saving your quarters—they’re like gold.

6. Make New Year’s resolutions.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

•Stop procrastinating. We all know that writing a 20-page paper the night before it’s due doesn’t work out very well.

•Study smarter. While study breaks are generally effective in giving the mind a short period of rest, as a general rule, they should still be shorter than the actual study time.

7. Be active!

College students are known for being busy. Although running is a form of exercise, running late to class doesn’t exactly count. Christmas break is a good time to enjoy the great outdoors or make up some of that missed time at the gym.