Meet the New SGA President: Carter Posladek

by Michaela Pereira '12

“I felt simply honored. It was such a huge honor to think that almost 60 percent of the voting student body believed that I could represent them well as their president,” said Carter Posladek ’12, reacting to the outcome of APU’s recent election in which he was voted Student Government Association president for 2011-12.

Who is this young man about to take the helm in leading a new SGA team? Active in the APU community, Posladek, a business administration major, is currently a Resident Advisor (RA) in Bowles Apartments and is also involved with intramurals, including volleyball and basketball. “My basketball team just won the intramural championship, so that was pretty exciting and fun,” said Posladek.

He has a heart for missions. The mission work he has done with his home church in Kansas influenced his desire to be involved with missions. “I love missions and international stuff. I went to India, Mexico, and Guatemala with my home church,” said Posladek.

His family, who are also involved with missions, played a significant role in inspiring this passion. They built a business ministry called A.B. May to sponsor other missionaries. “I see how this ministry is an important one that God has blessed my family with and I might take over, but not right away,” said Posladek.

While at APU, Posladek calls Glenkirk Presbyterian Church in Glendora his home church. “I go to Glenkirk Presbyterian and love the pastor. His sermons are based on Scripture, including the historical and cultural contexts. I feel like it is a Bible study with a great application,” shared Posladek.

When he is not helping his residents, serving at church, or studying, he enjoys playing games. “I love playing ping pong and grew up playing in Kansas. I also love to play board games, especially Settlers of Catan, which is a mix between Risk and Monopoly,” said Posladek.

“Carter desires to grow from various experiences, so I know this experience will shape him to become a better leader on campus. I love his heart to serve others and I know he values people,” said Shino Simons, Posladek’s advisor.

As he approaches his senior year, Posladek reflected on his time so far at APU, and offered advice for incoming students. “Take an advantage of the small school setting because professors here care and go the extra mile for students. Get involved with a D-group and the mentoring program here on campus,” he said.

Looking toward the new school year, Posadek shared excitement for his new role as president. “I want to see more student rights and involvement with politics,” said Posladek. “I do not have it all figured out and will need help, especially from God, but I am excited.”