APU Hosts Short Film Conference

by University Relations

The Galileo Film Studio and the Department of Theater, Film, and Television hosted a movie night and conference December 2­–3, 2011, celebrating award-winning short films and engaging the APU community and guests in a vital discussion about the importance of short filmmaking. Titled “Much More Than a Little Feature: The Splendor of the Short Film,” the conference featured eight speakers, including Randy Haberkamp, director of special projects at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and Academy Award-winning filmmakers Luke Matheny and Ari Sandel.

“Most film schools focus their energies on teaching students about feature films, but the actual doorway into the industry for most young filmmakers is the short film,” said Barbara Harrington, executive director of the Galileo Film Studio. “We want to help our students avoid common pitfalls.”

The movie night included a screening of 2011 Best Short Film, Live Action Oscar winner God of Love followed by a question-and-answer session with Matheny. Conference speakers reflected on what it takes to make a short film, the secrets of award-winning shorts, short film endings, irony, and other topics. “The conference was a terrific opportunity for APU cinematic arts students to learn from highly successful filmmakers,” said Thomas Parham, Ph.D., professor and acting co-chair of the Department of Theater, Film, and Television. “The event enabled attendees to network with each other, as well as with the guest speakers, and supported our continuing efforts to make APU the destination of choice for young Christians who want to pursue the craft of visual storytelling.”

“People today have an ever-more-limited attention span, wanting their stories to get to the heart of things faster and with more impact,” said Harrington. “In many ways, this makes the 21st century uniquely prepared for the short film moment. If Christians seize this opportunity, we can serve the people of our time in powerful ways.”