Meet Ginny Dadaian: APU’s Director of Community Relations

by Kimberly Rios

With more than 20 years of professional experience working with the city of Azusa, Ginny Dadaian, director of community relations at APU, builds a bridge between the Azusa community and Azusa Pacific University.

Dadaian believes in the importance of connecting the city and the university.

“Community relations grows out of relationship building,” said Dadaian. “It’s about working with local residents, keeping the channels of communication open, inviting neighbors to campus, and sharing with the community about APU’s accomplishments and endeavors.”

Dadaian works with APU and the Azusa community to establish programs that benefit local residents. Currently, she coordinates the mayor’s prayer breakfast and the high school job shadow day. She is also a member of the Azusa Healthy Communities Committee, which focuses on helping community members establish a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Dadaian partners with APU’s Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research, and together, they established the Azusa Calculates program, one of the first tutoring programs focused on assisting local kids with algebra and geometry. Dadaian also collaborated with the city and APU colleagues to establish the fitness programs Girls on the Move and Kids on the Move, which provide fitness activities to Azusa youth. She serves as a mentor for the Azusa Scholars group on APU’s campus, too. Dadaian says she uses teamwork and interaction to develop programs that meet the needs of Azusa residents.

“In order for an entity to be successful, it needs to have Christ as its foundation,” said Azusa Mayor Joe Rocha. “Ginny has, and continues to be, a major force of building, maintaining, and sustaining the Lord’s foundation not only in our city, but also at Azusa Pacific University.”

Dadaian graduated from Glendora High School and went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in public administration from the University of La Verne. She obtained her Master of Public Administration from California State University, Northridge. Dadaian worked as the administrative analyst in the Azusa City Manager’s office from 1990-97. Dadaian came to APU in 1997, first serving as the director of student financial services before starting her position in community relations. In 2011, she was named Azusa’s Woman of the Year. Dadaian’s commitment to civic affairs was influenced by her parents, especially her father who worked for years as Glendora’s planning director.

“My parents both stressed the importance of participating in whatever you care about,” said Dadaian. “My father would tell my sisters and I, ‘We can all do something, just get involved.’

“Azusa Pacific University carries Azusa in its name,” said Dadaian. “We are a part of this vibrant community. We strive to be great neighbors and work together to find solutions to big challenges like limited budgets. Together, we can accomplish great things.”