Introducing Brian Jessup, New SGA President

by Kayla Johnston ’16

Recently-elected Student Government Association president, Brian Jessup '15, is already looking ahead and making plans for the 2014–15 school year. Following a close race, Jessup took the lead and was announced president shortly after elections closed on the evening of February 19.

According SGA’s Facebook page, Jessup won 637 votes and opponent Alpha Joy Ferrer received 567 votes in the presidential race, making this one of the closest elections SGA has seen.

Jessup hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and decided to make the move to APU in 2011, following in the footsteps of his two older brothers who also attended the university. Initially, Jessup says he was hesitant to apply to APU because he wanted to find a taste of independence outside the journey of his older brothers.

“I decided there was hardly anything at APU that was not appealing to me. My brothers’ experiences have been so incredibly helpful, and in no way served as any detriment to the unique blessing my time here has been,” Jessup said.

Upon arrival to APU, Jessup quickly involved himself in leadership positions. As an Alpha Leader, he led freshman students through their first few months of school and helped them navigate the uncharted waters of college life. Currently serving as an RA to sophomores in the Shire Mods, Jessup hopes to use his experiences to better serve APU students as their president.

During a leave of absence spent studying in Seville, Spain, his sophomore year, Jessup developed an awareness for the short time he had left on APU’s campus. Conversations upon return to campus led him to think about pursuing a leadership position in SGA to make the most of his remaining time on campus. He recognized that the position of president would allow him to leave a lasting impact on the students of APU.

“I believe that we have a potential at this university, from students to the administration, to do some incredible things for the Kingdom—indeed we already are—and I wanted to find a way to help us actualize some of that potential,” Jessup said.

Jazmine Hand ’16, who will serve as SGA’s University Senator under Jessup's leadership next year, says that she admires his ability to motivate students to action and encourage them to reflect on the incredible blessing that life at APU can be.

“He truly cares what the student body has to say. He knows which issues are important to APU as a whole and will work to better our community. It is evident that he has a strong head on his shoulders and is the perfect representation of what we as a university aim to be,” Hand said.

Looking ahead to the 2014–15 school year, Jessup hopes to strengthen relationships between SGA and various departments on campus to help students’ opinions to be heard and put into action, according to his SGA election speech on Monday, February 17.

“I think the value of the experience that comes from this position is undeniable, and will certainly aid in any future career. As for now, I am trying to keep my eyes on what’s in front of me and look forward to the leadership and administrative opportunities inherent to the position of SGA president,” Jessup said.