Three Shows are Better Than One

by Tim Posada '05

Graphite, spray paint, media collages, acrylics, and marker: just a few of the many mediums in the creation of three art galleries that premiered Tuesday, October 26. Images of Hope raised cancer awareness in APU's Art Gallery West. A Collection of Prints by Jacob Blaze gave the Red Zone Art Gallery audience a new thankfulness for the little things in life. And Watching the Ground Draw Steadily Nearer Through a Small Pane of Glass gave viewers in the Darling Hall Gallery a sense of hope and inspiration.

Images of Hope

Whether a picture is worth a thousand words or a thousand dollars, the City of Hope's Pediatric Art Therapy Program brought a selection of artwork worth a second glance. This program was created to lessen the anxiety of those with life-threatening diseases-through creating art. On display at APU’s Art Gallery West, viewers can see the creative works of children diagnosed with cancer. For further information on this and other programs at the City of Hope Hospital, visit their website at

A Collection of Prints by Jacob Blaze

"I wanted to show the beauty of the everyday in my work," said Jacob Blaze '05, speaking about his exhibit on display in APU’s Red Zone Art Gallery.

When entering the room, each picture of the same shape — a bike pedal — is reinvented several different ways. Color combinations and varied sizes keep Blaze's bike pedal fresh and original. Some pieces featured a single image of the pedal while others featured that same pedal in a tick-tack-toe formation (up to nine times)—each different but following a similar color theme. Bringing back the rock ‘n’ roll concept of the “power of simplicity,” Blaze redefined his art by taking the simplest of things, giving it complexity, and making a powerful statement.

Watching the Ground Draw Steadily Nearer Through a Small Pane of Glass

With a title alone that’s intriguing, the Darling Hall Gallery was dimmed during the reception as people filled the hallway, ready to embark on an artistic journey. Curated by Amanda Wiens, this show birthed the efforts of three different artists. Malachi Ward ’06, Tom Monson ‘06, and Paul Hoppe ’05 came together to create something with a universal vision that showcased their individual styles. These three artists wanted people to leave their show with hope: a hope discovered in learning from the mistakes of others.

“We want people to reflect on their own lives through the misgivings of others,” said Ward.

Images of Hope and A Collection of prints by Jacob Blaze will run until November 5, and Watching the Ground Draw Steadily Nearer Through a Small Pane of Glass runs until November 6. For more information on upcoming galleries contact the Department of Art at (626) 815-6000, Ext. 3726.