Experiencing the Music

by Estera Wieja'04

On October 28, the Munson Chapel doors opened for all interested in hearing the Symphony Orchestra concert. Looming midterms did not stop students from coming to the event, and together with families and friends, they filled the auditorium hungry for classical music.

The Symphonic Band, conducted by Alexander Koops, performed many breathtaking pieces. The concert opened with Funeral Music for Queen Mary composed by Henry Purcell, followed by pieces by Giovanni Gabrieli, Orlando di Lassus, and other world-famous musicians. The band kept the audience on their toes, as they moved around the stage and performed a wealth of songs highlighting different groups of instruments. One song drew the audience into the experience, as the musicians left the stage to play while standing in the front rows.

After the intermission, the Symphonic Band united again on the stage and performed several pieces greatly anticipated by the audience. Three Chorale Preludes by William P. Latham were followed by a Bach masterpiece titled My Jesus! Oh, What Anguish. The evening ended with Suites of William Byrd.

APU’s Symphonic Band consists of nearly 50 musicians and performs a wide variety of band repertoire. It is one of the many winds and percussion bands at APU’s School of Music. Other include the Brass Quintet, Flute Choir, Handbell Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and Woodwind Quintet. Visit the School of Music website to learn more about these groups, the university choirs, and music ministry.