So, Is It Really Over?

by Ryan Roemer

I never believed that three and a half months could go by so quickly; it is like I blinked and everything that I knew, all that I experienced, and everyone that was around me has changed. As I reminisce over this semester, I remember new acquaintances who have become life long friends; the chapel that was once a home has become my favorite quiet place; the meeting hall that was once a classroom is now private dance club. The most important and prominent change over this semester is our professors and their families embracing us as their own. Actually, as I look back at this semester, we have been through so much together and it has brought so close. We have been wakeboarding and swimming in the lake, gone backpacking for six days straight, traveled to San Francisco to visit breathtaking churches and intriguing museums, slept out under the stars countless nights, and have talked ourselves to sleep with friends that we have come to love. The High Sierra Program has been one of the greatest experiences of my life; I have made friends here that I will be close with for many years to come. God has used these friends to push me and bring me closer to Him. I have gained so much more than knowledge; I have gained wisdom and a better understanding of myself. Even though it is difficult to leave this place I love, I know that I have been changed by this experience and I will cherish it forever.