Digknity Comes to Fashion

by Tim Posada '05

“You don’t look 35.” “Who cares if he’s my soul mate! Look at the size of my rock!” “Work? You mean your dad doesn’t pay for everything?” These are but a few of the taglines on the paintings at Heidi Rogers' ’05 art and fashion show that premiered in Wilden Hall on January 18. Roger’s show, titled Digknity: Clothes for the brilliant, beautiful, and worthy woman. (Yes, that’s you), featured several different designs with a tagline focusing on a women’s issue.

"My ultimate goal for the show was to raise questions among female students on campus about the way they dress and why they do it," said Rogers.

Rogers' work was sarcastic in nature, utilizing humor to prove her point. Her pieces each had a topic about women's issues: eating, marriage, clothing size, age, and money were just a few. "A lot of women do not realize that how they dress affects others," said Rogers. "It is not talked about nearly enough."

Along with these pictures, Roger’s also featured her several articles of clothing she designed and created. Four main pieces were displayed along with T-shirts on sale for men and women.