Calling Me Home: A Journey to South Africa

by Tim Posada '05

APU welcomed back alumna Angela Conti '73 during an exhibition of her photography series, Calling Me Home: a Journey to South Africa. Conti's artwork filled the Hugh and Hazel Darling Library and Gallery and Wilden Hall. The theme: photos of people of South Africa. The purpose: to help others see the conditions of the people and HIV/A.I.D.S. in Africa through God's eyes, as Conti declared in her speech at the show's reception on Tuesday, February 16.

Conti never thought she would find herself back at APU, speaking at her own show. "It might not seem as though things are connected, but you need to embrace each thread that God has given you," said Conti.

The threads connected for Conti when she traveled to South Africa on an annual tour and crusade with her church. She got off the plane and began taking pictures of those around her. With no formal training, Conti has a simple philosophy to photography, "I saw something and I took my camera and snapped it."

After graduating from APU with a B.A. in Psychology, Conti went on to get a M.A. in Education from California Polytechnic State University. She's been involved with urban and Second Chance Ministries, along with developing and implementing the Magic Johnson Foundation's Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program to help inner city youth go to college.

Conti recently accepted a three-year internship in South Africa to work with Dr. David Molapo. Molapo will be speaking on February 26 in a session titled Expanding the Kingdom of God in Post-Apartheid South Africa, in the Los Angeles Pacific College Board Room (LAPC) from 4-6 p.m.