The Battle Belongs to the Big Bands

by Tim Posada '05

The Second Annual Battle of the Big Bands brought the Citrus College Blue Note Swing Orchestra to a musical dual against APU's Jazz Orchestra at Citrus College’s Haugh Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, April 12, at 8 p.m. “We had a virtually sold out crowd,” said David Beatty, Jazz Orchestra director and music professor. Beatty was the link between APU and Citrus as he teaches at APU along with being an adjunct at Citrus. What began as a lunchtime discussion was now filling an evening with tunes such as “Anything Goes,” “At Last,” and “Common Market.” Chrissy Naruo '08 sang “My Funny Valentine” for APU, while Citrus student Lori Dina sang “Black Magic.” Blue Note performed “Dick Tracey” as a projector screen played an entourage of clips from the movie. The Jazz Orchestra later countered with “Hunting Wabbits” while Bugs Bunny clips ran in the background. After intermission, the battle changed locations. In opposing stair tops, each band’s percussion section took place with maracas, shakers, cowbells, and drums. Then, “Uno, dos, tres, quatro,” said Bryan Taylor '05, APU drummer and worship coordinator, as he led his pack of drummers to the stage. A drum line formed on the stage, created by the two bands. “It was wonderful for both percussion sections to combine together and create great music,” said Taylor. The evening ended when two drum sets rose from the stage’s pit, and Taylor battled a Citrus drummer. With APU alumni on the Citrus band and former members of the Citrus band in the Jazz Orchestra, the “Battle of the Big Bands strengthened something that already exists between the Citrus band and ours,” said Beatty.