Welcome to APU!

by Nicole Chin '08

My first year of college is over. Gone the long days of class, late nights falling asleep in the hallway of Engstrom 4th East, and arguing over who should clean the bathroom because we forgot last month. But it’s time for APU to welcome in another freshmen class and my friend, Erika Navarette ’09.

The first day for fall 2005 new students to preregister on the Azusa campus took place May 13, 2005, with two other days left for freshmen and transfer students to scramble for classes. For Navarette, the morning began in Upper Turner Campus Center as President Jon R. Wallace, DBA, commissioned students while parents laid hands on their sons and daughters. And then, parents – some on the verge of crying – went their separate ways to attend their own sessions.

Around 9 a.m., incoming students were introduced to APU and the variety of activities that come with it: Alpha, Communiversity, IMT, Multi-Ethnic Programs, and Residence Life. A sentimental feeling came over me as I remembered sitting in Navarette’s place and the rush of nervousness and anticipation that came when entering college.

Once class registration began, Navarette’s own nervousness and that of countless other students present showed. What class should she take? Who was a good professor? How many units does she need? Thanks to academic advising, future APU students have their questions answered, schedules organized, and fears calmed.

After academic advising, it’s time for the exciting part—actually getting your classes. Students wait in line to take care of their financial information, visit IMT for Cougars’ Den accounts, sign up with the Registrar, and take their ID photo. Before they know it, they’ve officially become an APU student.

Preregistration also takes place May 27 and June 24 for incoming fall 2005 students. Non-local students unable to attend campus preregistration have the opportunity to attend one of seven out-of-the-area receptions.