Team South Africa "A"

by Focus International

Team South Africa “A” traveled to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province of South Africa. Out of Africa Missions hosted the team and helped them partner with existing South African ministries.

While in Kwa-Zulu Natal, they spent six weeks in four different locations. The locations ranged from rural and poor to middle and upper class. The team was exposed to the

first and third world countries of South Africa in a matter of a few hours. The bulk of their ministry included helping local South African and international missionaries with their work. The team was able to come alongside several churches and ministries and help in whatever ways needed.

The team spent their first week in a rural location, Tugela Ferry Mission. There the team became fully immersed in the Zulu culture. The team worshiped with the Zulus and visited other branches of their mission in even more remote areas. At the mission’s orphanage, they were able to help out by distributing food and planting trees. Tugela Ferry proved to be a great place to begin the trip. Learning about the Zulu culture first hand stayed with the team throughout their time in South Africa.

Later, Team South Africa “A” spent two weeks living and working at an AIDS hospice called the Dream Centre. While at the hospice, they came face to face with the AIDS epidemic and learned compassion witnessing the suffering of South Africans living with AIDS. While at the Dream Centre the team was able to help out in practical ways by washing windows, making new door numbers for the wards, helping out in the kitchen and with the laundry, and visiting with patients.

Individually, God taught each team member something different on this trip. However, the entire team agreed that they had found a second home, becoming attached to the country and especially the people of South Africa.