Team South Africa "B"

by Focus International

Team South Africa “B” visited four universities and their Student Life departments while in the country. They had the opportunity to meet South African students and discuss some of the issues that face both South Africa and the United States. With their new student friends, team members celebrated Youth Day on June 16, a day dedicated to remembering the youth who fought against the apartheid. In addition, APU’s step team used their dancing talents to minister to thousands of college youth and also learned about the roots from which their art form comes.

During a three day youth camp, the team led training sessions pertaining to youth leadership. They also visited three museums, including the Apartheid Museum, the Hector Peterson Museum, and the Robben Island Museum. Service work also included time spent at an orphanage, loving God’s beautiful children.

Overall, the team is grateful for this unforgettable, educational, and rewarding experience.