Team Ghana

by Focus International

During our trip, Team Ghana worked with an organization called Markaz al Bishara. We taught in schools, ministered in remote villages, preached in churches, ran a youth camp, and had tons of fun doing it! One of the most stretching activities for us was doing personal evangelism. On Saturdays, we would split into groups, walk the streets, and share the Gospel. We did not know what to expect when talking to strangers—95 percent of whom are Muslim—about the love of Jesus Christ. But despite our apprehensions, we experienced the power of the Gospel that brings love, healing, and freedom to all people.

Markaz al Bishara is a thriving ministry by Johnson Asare and other Ghanaian nationals. They have started 5 schools in 4 years and are beginning to plant churches throughout all of West Africa. After seeing the Kingdom of God powerfully surging forward in Ghana, one could say they do not need missionaries to travel thousands of miles to share the love of God with them. However, it was mind-blowing to see how much impact we had in such a short time and how appreciative the Ghanaians were towards us. It was a beautiful example of how both sides were a mutual blessing to one another.

When people ask what we did in Ghana, we can tell them the tasks we performed. But the significance of the experienced is evidenced by the countless number of smiles on our Ghanaian brothers’ and sisters’ faces until we see them again in Heaven.