APU Alumni Open English Center in Vietnam

by Darrah Christel, Office of University Relations

Hai Huynh and his wife, Teresa, both APU alumni, have recently launched a school in Danang, Vietnam, realizing a dream over eight years in the making. After just three months of official preparation, Fisher’s SuperKids English Center opened on January 20, 2006. Huynh says, “Everything turned out more beautiful than we had expected.” Huynh first had the vision for the school back in 1998 when he was a student at APU. “I really felt that God brought me [to APU] to prepare me for something back home, and [the school] was what came to my mind right away,” said Huynh. Huynh and his wife graduated from APU’s Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program in 2001.

Huynh emphasizes his belief that Christ-followers should work for a greater purpose. Thus he dedicates his work to the lives of young children in Vietnam. Not only is this Huyhn’s dream to do what he loves, but it is an opportunity for him and his wife to reach out to children and their parents in Danang.

The main purpose of the Fisher’s SuperKids English Center is to provide the highest quality in English education. Although this is their first center, Huynh and his wife plan to expand to other cities and countries after two to three years of operation. The center teaches children 4-15 years of age and currently hosts five classes with a total of 80 children enrolled during the first month of operation.

In addition to these accomplishments, it is noteworthy to mention that many visitors have complimented Huynh on the layout of the center and the facilities provided to the students. Future goals include establishing and maintaining a sterling reputation after their first year in operation, and using part of the school’s profits to create scholarships for orphans and children in poverty to attend the school.

Hai and Teresa Huynh send their thanks to APU for all the prayers and support. They hope that the APU community will continue to keep their new venture in its thoughts, praying that this school will be a shining light and a ministry to children and their parents. They are deeply thankful for how God has prepared and provided them with everything they needed to make dreams come true.

Anyone interested in helping with this project should contact Huynh at [email protected]. They are currently in need of financial support for their scholarship efforts. APU students and graduates interested in teaching English abroad are welcome to contact Huynh about possible job opportunities.