School of Nursing Holds 2nd Annual Research Conference

by Katelyn Noll '07

APU’s School of Nursing held its 2nd Annual Research Conference on Thursday, March 23, 2006. The all-day program featured special guest speakers from around the world. In the Felix Event Center, faculty and students heard presentations that covered topics including immigrant health, health concerns with women prisoners, and internationalization in nursing.

Hania Dawani, DNSc, RN, of the Jordanian Nursing Council, spoke about how globalization is affecting nursing and education, as well as the opportunities and challenges that nurses are faced with because of internationalization.

Dawani also discussed Jordan and how that country and the nursing community are responding to, adapting to, and participating in globalization. “It is our duty to survey the world’s events that affect our institutions, profession, careers, lives, and the lives of our clients,” said Dawani.

Following the speeches, attendees of the conference enjoyed a reception. Throughout the School of Nursing's conference room, computer lab, skills lab, and other rooms, poster presentations were displayed, sharing current events and research projects conducted by the School of Nursing.