Where Will We Be When Emergency Strikes?

by Rachel Black

In light of recent national disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, Azusa Pacific University (APU) has turned more focus to the safety of the campus community and the university’s overall emergency preparedness. With an Critical Incident Response Team established, APU has actively taken measures to better improve safety and prepare staff and students for any type of emergency.

APU’s Department of Campus Safety, being the university’s main safety enforcement, typically becomes the focal point in the case of an emergency. However, cross-department collaboration allows other offices on campus to be involved and contribute their expertise. APU’s Emergency Preparedness Plan depends on the cooperation of the entire campus community for its effectiveness.

The Emergency Preparedness website provides information on the procedures and precautions to be taken in case of an emergency, as well as what do to after a major emergency. Recommended actions for emergencies include evacuation procedures for incidents such as bomb threats, earthquakes, fires, and floods. Students, staff, faculty, and parents can also find instructions for what to do in the case of a medical emergency or power loss. Designated building and floor coordinators trained on these evacuation plans and procedures help ensure the safety of all people in each building on campus.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to contact the Department of Campus Safety at the first sign of an emergency at (626) 815-3898. Parents, family, and guardians are encouraged to call APU's Campus Safety at (626) 815-3898 or the university's Emergency Hotline at (888) 451-5583. Alternative emergency phone numbers can be found through the Emergency Preparedness website, or by directly going to the contact page.