Dracula: Drama Like You've Never Seen it Before

by Christy Gazanian '07

On Thursday, October 12, a fight between good and evil entered the APU Mary Hill Theater, as the Department of Theater, Film, and Television presented Dracula. The production is based on the Victorian novel by Bram Stoker, and adapted by Robert Smyth and Kerry Meads.

Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Theater, Film and Television, Thom Parham, Ph.D., directed the dramatic APU production. Parham noted in the program that “This play - like the book it is drawn from - explores the nature of evil. . . Unlike previous films or plays, this one is faithful to the plot and tone of Abraham Stoker’s tale. Dracula is not a romantic here; he is evil.”

English major, Rachel Kennedy '07 enjoyed the play because of its consistency with the novel. She said, "I liked it because it kept with the novel, and stuck with the original themes."

Many of the cast members describe their thoughts on doing a play that is so filled with evil, in relation to a Christian perspective of faith. Julie Ann Nill ’07, who plays Mina Murray Harker, expressed that this play is “the story of good and evil and how good prevails over evil.”

Erik Snodgrass ’07, otherwise known as Count Dracula, shared that the play represents an allegory of spiritual warfare, and that evil does exist. He expressed how much he enjoyed performing in this genre because it is different than most APU productions, yet it can still be done well.

Whether an allegory of a spiritual war, or a portrayal of the evil that exists in humanity, the cast of Dracula worked cohesively to paint a dark, yet resilient picture of Stoker’s novel.

Laurel McClintock ’07, whose character Lucy Westernra fell to death by Dracula’s bite, shares how valuable it was to work with this cast because “the focus isn’t on one or two people, everyone is a team.” The teamwork was evident, and the audience responded with applause.

Dracula runs October 19-21 at 7:30 p.m. and October 21 at 2 p.m. For ticket information or a calendar of upcoming productions, visit www.apu/edu/theater/.