Writing Reality

by Kerri Fernsworth '02

"Journalism is about reality," said Aikman in his speech on Journalistic Christian Faith in the Wake of 9-11.

Aikman, serving as a foreign correspondent for Time magazine for 23 years, and reporting from more than 50 countries has seen the world's reality in many aspects. He is currently a contributor to several magazines and has been a guest on numerous television and radio programs. As International Chairman of Gegrapha, a Global Fellowship of Journalists, he believes that Christian journalists are in a unique position to uncover the truth. "Journalism at best is cathartic...," said Aikman, "It can uncover wrongdoing and make changes for the better."

"The essence of journalism involves asking questions related to the truth," said Aikman. Because Christians have a realistic view of human nature, a high view of truth, and a yearning for freedom, truth, and justice, Aikman believes that Christians are ideal journalists.

Regarding the place of Christian journalists in reporting on 9-11, he believes that Christians have a unique understanding of the events because "Christians know what a belief system is." Understanding their own faith may help Christian journalists understand the Islamic faith.