Life After College

by Kerri Fernsworth '02

Making the transition from student to alumni is something all graduates must go through, and the Alumni Initiation Banquet, on Friday, April 26, reminded seniors that they are equipped to step away from Azusa Pacific to continue living what they have learned.

The banquet focused on the seniors' fulfillment of the four cornerstones of APU’s education: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service. Christ is a guide for future plans; scholarship equips students to enter a career; the Christian community remains part of the lives of alumni; and service to others is instilled as a way of life.

Adam Ecklund ’02 and Mikelle Benson ‘02, nominated by faculty and staff, were honored with senior service awards for their contributions thoroughout their APU tenure.

For most, the reflective evening was bittersweet. Bryan Shaw ’02, Seth Johnson ’02, Samantha Mesker ’02, and Hillary Evans ’02 were invited to give testimony of their experiences at APU. “I don’t know how to say goodbye, so I’m not,” said Shaw.

Becoming alumni is a beginning, not just an end. “It’s exciting to make the transition from student to alumni,” said Michelle Garbe ’02, “I know that I’m somehow connected to everyone in this room forever.”