Picturesque, an Alumni Art Exhibition

by Jessica Boggs '03

The Azusa Pacific University Department of Art prepares and encourages its students for a lifelong journey of self-expression and creativity. However, after graduation, the university rarely gets to see the fruition of each artist’s life. Samuel Guerrero ’02, an art major, recognized this and curated Picturesque, an alumni art exhibition. The show is on display in the Darling Library Hall Gallery on West Campus through December 6, 2002.

The show features nine pieces ranging from mixed media to ceramics. The works were created by : Steve Brookshire ‘02, Mandy Burks ‘02, Dave Carlson ‘98, Robin Jordan ‘01, Jason Patrick Gourley ‘01, and Lucian Saxton ‘99.

"The art in the show really surpassed my expectations," said Guerrero. "I’m encouraged to see that these students are still passionate about their work after they leave here."

Mandy Burks’ DOC (disintegration of connection) reveals a part of her of journey since graduating from APU. "This piece came directly from counseling," said Burks. "I’m intrigued by how people respond emotionally, and have learned that very rarely are the mind and heart balanced."

"It’s hard to keep making art after graduation because the pressure involved with your senior art show leaves you burnt out," said Brookshire. "Being in this type of group show is nice because it is the perfect mix of encouragement and pressure."