APU Launches New Master of Arts in Music Entrepreneurial Studies

by Evan R. Cain

Azusa Pacific University’s Master of Arts in Music Entrepreneurial Studies, launching fall 2017, is designed for music, communication, business, or marketing graduates and entertainment professionals seeking success in the music industry as independent entrepreneurs. The low residency master’s program grants aspiring and current independent musicians and managers with the skills and experience needed to thrive in the competitive, continually evolving music industry in as little as two years.

Due to the prominence of social media and music streaming services, today’s independent artists can achieve worldwide engagement with fans through the digital distribution of songs and albums. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), music streaming services total revenues increased by more than 60 percent in 2016, a significant factor in the overall 5.9 percent growth in the global recorded music market, the fastest growth rate since IFPI began measuring the market in 1997. About 112 million paid subscribers support music streaming services worldwide.

“Given the immense growth of independent music in all genres and the lack of innovation in traditional record labels, we see a huge opportunity for independent artists to compete directly with major label music acts,” said Henry Alonzo, MBA, director of the Music Entrepreneurial Studies Program and assistant professor in the School of Music. “By exploring independent study and work internships within the music industry and collaborating closely with experienced industry professionals, candidates learn to run their careers in music as a small business, which is invaluable in today's market.”

An expanding music industry ensures higher employability and profitability rates for music entrepreneurs, and for aspiring music professionals, the Los Angeles area is an optimal location to gain industry experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the L.A. metropolitan area represents the second highest rate of employment for musicians and singers, as well as music directors and composers, and the number one rate of employment and profitability for sound engineers. APU’s close proximity to Los Angeles gains program candidates easy access to the central hub of entertainment innovation in the U.S.

At Azusa Pacific University, music entrepreneurship is not only an increasingly sustainable and innovative field of study, it also presents a faith-based approach to music as a vocation. “We aim to equip our students to become ethical leaders that maintain Christian values while frontlining the creative efforts of the industry,” said Alonzo.

For more information about APU’s M.A. in Music Entrepreneurial Studies, please contact admissions representative Sancho Poon at [email protected] or (626) 815-4667.

Evan R. Cain '18 is a senior public relations intern in the Office of University Relations. He is a biblical studies and humanities major in the Honors College.