A Time for Community

by Melissa Nicholas ’05

On Saturday, January 11, Azusa Pacific’s men’s and women’s basketball teams played outstanding games against Concordia University, one of their prime rivals. The night was also special because of the crowd of excited onlookers. Saturday was APU’s City of Azusa Night, in which the school invited the surrounding community to share in the enthusiasm of the event. The game’s audience was made up of a diverse array of attendees, from the animated crowd of APU fans wearing traditional Blackout T-shirts to an eager group of students from nearby Gladstone High School.

Mutual passion for the sport proved to be a great way of bringing together APU staff and students with Azusa residents. Alfonso Patterson, a local student, cheered beside an APU student during a great play by the Cougars.

“We come for the kids, and the excitement of the game,” Alfonso’s mother, Elisa, said. “We like to come to every activity or event here.”

For Elisa, this is an event that she gets to spend with both of her children and her mother, Ofelia, who is a dedicated fan of the Cougars’ #15, Ladrick Simon.

Ofelia is also fond of coming to the games because she recognizes so many faces. “I work across the street from [APU], so I know most of the students here.”