Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers
Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers

APU's Luchy Binet Guerra Honored by Dodgers

by Abigail Elizabeth Peck

Azusa Pacific University’s Luchy Binet Guerra, executive assistant to the executive vice president, recently received an unexpected honor, which raised her clout with baseball fans on campus. Her former employer, the Los Angeles Dodgers, recognized her more than 15 years of service to their organization by naming a room after her at their newly remodeled training center, Campo Las Palmas, in the Dominican Republic.

During her time with the Dodgers, Guerra was affectionately known as, “Mama Luchy,” for her important role and the impact she had on the players. In charge of administration for the Minor League Department, including Winter Leagues and the Dominican Summer League, she handled everything from visas to payroll to benefits.

Renowned architect and urban planner Janet Marie Smith, the Dodgers' senior vice president of planning and development, personally invited Guerra to visit the renovated facility during the last week of January and attend the dedication ceremony with Mark Walters, chairman of the Dodgers franchise, and the President of the Dominican Republic Danilo Medina.

The trip represented a meaningful homecoming for Guerra. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, she came to the United States to attend college and later married and put down roots in California with her husband and two children. As a new resident of the Los Angeles area, she recalls the exhilaration of attending her first Dodgers game and a realization that set in as she grew as a fan. “I recognized that their Dominican players needed someone to represent them, to assist with assimilation, to help them learn English, and to make them feel welcome and understood,” Guerra said.

Through a providential connection at a Bible study with the Dodgers' advertising director, Guerra submitted her resume and soon found herself as an employee of the storied organization serving as assistant director of international player development.

“Working for the Los Angeles Dodgers was one of the biggest rides of my life,” said Guerra. “I grew with the job and the job grew with me, making my time with them a pivotal part of who I am.”

The training center that houses the room in her honor consists of seven extensively renovated buildings, which doubled the square footage of the complex. The center now houses 96 players and 19 coaches and support staff. Training facilities include three and one-half fields, a covered batting cage large enough to accommodate infield practice, a mile running track, conditioning and weight room and training areas within the clubhouse.

Abigail E. Peck '18 is a public relations intern in the Office of University Relations. She is a public relations major and leadership minor.