The Obedient Builder

Gene Piester, known for his integrity and perseverance, shows his obedience to God and commitment to education by generously giving to APU.Read more

Sharing Christmas Traditions

As the campus community prepares for the holiday season, Azusa Pacific students, faculty, and staff members share some of their most beloved Christmas traditions. Read more

Faithful in Little and in Much

APU graduates faithfully give back to their alma mater according to their ability, knowing that every gift makes a lasting difference in the university and in the lives of students.Read more

Neuromarketing: How Retailers Get in Your Head

An expert in the groundbreaking field of neuromarketing, Thomas Rotthowe, MBA '93, DBA, developed an innovative approach to marketing that heralds a shift in the way manufacturers, retailers, and marketers do business.Read more


Out of Control

Julie Snodgrass, a foster parent, partner in youth ministry, and head coach of the Azusa Pacific women’s water polo team, empowers those around her and passionately follows God in all areas of her life.Read more

Modern-Day Samaritans

Jesus' Parable of the Good Samaritan calls us to reflect God's love in radical ways to the people around us, following the powerful examples of modern-day Good Samaritans Martin Luther King Jr. and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.Read more

Helping Students Develop Their Strengths

During APU’s annual Strengths Week, hosted by the Noel Academy for Strengths-Based Leadership and Education, students learn more about their strengths, preparing them for their time at APU and beyond. Read more


APU and Reebok Bring Back Physical Education

Each week enthusiastic third–fifth graders at Gladstone Street Elementary participate in an action-packed physical education program thanks to a partnership between APU, the city of Azusa, and Reebok. Read more

Reclaiming Storytelling

In an age where the true beauty and art of quality storytelling is nearly lost, the world needs a new generation of profound, professional Christian storytellers.Read more

Champion for a Cause

After his dreams of a third Olympic appearance were dashed, Bryan Clay '03 presses on in his mission of ministry and following God's plan for his life.Read more


Azusa Pacific’s Bakery Moves to Glendora

While Azusa Pacific students are fast asleep, the university’s new bakery in Glendora is preparing fresh breads, cookies, pastries, and pizza dough to be shipped by the truck load to APU’s 11 campus dining venues throughout the day.Read more

Abel Beth Maacah: Beneath the Surface of Israel

Robert Mullins, Ph.D., associate professor of biblical studies at Azusa Pacific, hopes to unlock secrets of ancient civilizations buried for thousands of years beneath a mound of earth in Israel known as Abel Beth Maacah. Read more

A Responsible Revolution

Matt Browning, Ed.D., associate vice president for internationalization, urges a responsible revolution, challenging students to choose action over apathy, people over possessions, and grace over judgment because everyone matters. Read more

Meet APU’s Visiting Professor: Diane Glancy

At 71, when many others her age are focused on enjoying retirement, Diane Glancy, a visiting professor in Azusa Pacific’s Department of English, decided to take a huge risk, follow her heart, and make her first feature film. Read more


One Stop Opens Its Doors

The new One Stop: Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center opens for business, providing a central location where students can get all their registration and financial services related questions answered. Read more

APU Helps Keep History Alive

APU’s Keeping History Alive program awards grants to 330 teachers from Los Angeles County public, private, and parochial schools, helping to strengthen K–12 history and social science education.Read more

Unity in Diversity

APU revamps its Multi-Ethnic Programs, considering diversity as a value and strategy for spiritual success. Read more

Preparing for Orientation

The team in the Office of Orientation and Transitions prepares for Orientation 2012, an event where new students will connect with others, get plugged into the university community, and transition smoothly into college life. Read more

Graduating Difference Makers

The 2012 spring commencement ceremonies conferred degrees upon 684 undergraduate, 491 graduate, and 153 adult and professional studies students, all of whom enter the world as difference makers for Christ. Read more

Touch of Freedom

Matthew Cork ’91, M.A. ’07, and Brent Martz ’91, have a vision of freedom for the Dalit people of India, who comprise the lowest rung of the Hindu caste system, transforming their lives through education and empowerment. Read more


Her Best for the Least

Juli McGowan ’01, a nurse practitioner and director of Kimbilio Hospice, turned an APU summer missions trip into a decade-long commitment to serving Kenya's poor and hurting. Read more

Dark Matter

David D. Esselstrom, Ph.D., chair and professor in the Department of English, shares his thoughts on contemporary children's and young adult fiction, including how this genre helps young people face, engage, and overcome fears. Read more

A Gravitational Pull

Matthew Ellis '13 and other scholar artists embark on journeys of self-discovery, transformation, and spiritual growth as students in the Department of Art and Design, maturing in both their art and their faith. Read more


Trip to State Capital Highlights Cal Grant Crisis

Administrative and faculty leaders from the School of Education and the School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences traveled to the state capital last month to engage in a briefing on current issues affecting education in the California legislature. Read more


Hope for Africa

Jennifer (Clawson ’80) Trubenbach, president and executive director of Operation of Hope, collaborated with the CEO of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Trust to improve the access to health care of children in Africa.Read more

Street Smart

As a kid from Camden, New Jersey, the odds were against Greg Collins ’11. But a committed mom, an inspiring organization, and a degree from APU transformed Collins, whose passion to help Camden's youth now infuses his work as an educator. Read more


Modern-day Tentmaker

Matt Holguin ’02, MBA ’04, put his business acumen to work, establishing several companies and applying an innovative strategy that fuel his difference-making ministry efforts in Africa.Read more

The Bible Study

A clinical rotation at a hospital for the mentally ill and reflections upon that experience proved transformational for Thomas Lee '12, revealing to him how God forges relationships with even the most troubled. Read more

Samaritan Scholar Visits APU

Benyamin Tsedaka, Samaritan elder, accomplished author, and noted historian, presented an insightful lecture to the Azusa Pacific community. Read more

Coaching in the Balance

Azusa Pacific football coach Victor Santa Cruz put his coaching philosophy to the test, and he passed with flying colors.Read more


Business Class Builds Bridges to At-Risk Youth

Every semester, undergraduate business students in Roxanne Helm-Stevens’ Organization and Administrative Behavior class embark on an unorthodox service-learning project, serving as mentors at continuation high schools in the San Gabriel Valley.Read more

All Scholars, One Community

Bring together people and organizations committed to Azusa. Encourage them to see the aspirational goals behind problems. The Community Scholars program, spearheaded by APU, does just that and maximizes the power of community partnership. Read more

Good as Their Word

Through their recent publications, alumnae Nina (Davis ’03) Gruener and Alissa Jones Nelson ’02 make promising starts in the world of publishing.Read more

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art Accredited

APU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art program received accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), affirming that the program meets national guidelines and offers students education of the highest standard.Read more

Hope in Motion

Three Doctor of Physical Therapy students traveled to Zambia in June 2011, teaming up with the nonprofit organization Free Wheelchair Mission to meet the needs of persons with disabilities while pointing them toward Christ. Read more


The Great American Work Ethic

Jim Lee ’74, president and chief operating officer of Stater Bros. Markets, leads one of the nation’s largest food corporations with integrity and a solid work ethic. Read more

Clinical Counseling Certificate Added

Last fall, 33 students formed the first cohort of individuals seeking to enhance their professional marketability by obtaining a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) Respecialization Certificate in Clinical Counseling. Read more

Film Studio Goes 3D

Last summer, Azusa Pacific unveiled its latest effort toward maintaining cutting-edge technology, an invaluable resource for film students—the Galileo Film Studio.Read more

Efforts For Hispanic Success Strengthened

Representing one step in a continuous quest to embrace diversity and support efforts that increase Hispanic access to education, Azusa Pacific recently joined the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) as an associate member.Read more


APU Receives Major Research Grant

Azusa Pacific entered the ranks of major research institutions when it received its first federally funded research award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Read more

APU Gets Eighth Graders Excited About College

On November 9, 250 eighth graders from Center Middle School in Azusa discovered the vast array of college disciplines and potential career paths at an innovative Eighth Grade Majors Fair developed by Azusa Pacific University. Read more

A Lasting Legacy: Meeting the Need for Educators

Through the Marvin O. Johnson Teacher Education Scholarship, APU’s School of Education prepares teachers for public education and provides resources for students to become the next generation of Christian teachers who make a difference. Read more