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Responding to God's Call in the Philippines

Watching the devastating events unfold on news broadcasts, Sean Harris, a senior business economics major, felt called to help. On December 15, Harris and a team of six fellow APU students will depart for a 10-day service trip to the Philippines.Read more


Serving Those Who Served

APU is uniquely equipped to help military and veteran students understand life from a Christian worldview and help them achieve their post-military goals of completing their education and beginning a new career.Read more

Unlearning Team Myths

APU communication studies professor addresses and discredits three myths about working in teams and provides solutions to common issues.Read more


An Act of Faithfulness

The establishment of APU's new Honors College represents an obedient act of faithfulness, a testament to the rich tradition of Christians in the academy, and a commitment to prepare evangelicalism's brightest young minds. Read more

Meet Veteran Hero Matt Blain '14

Matt Blain's ’14 classmates are unaware they are in the presence of a decorated war hero, and the humble former Army staff sergeant prefers it that way. Read more


First Among Them

First-generation college students chart new territory preparing and applying for college, often putting them at a disadvantage in gaining access to postsecondary education. Yet, nearly one in three entering freshmen in the U.S. is first-generation.Read more

Transforming Learning

Azusa Pacific faculty pour into students through faculty-student mentorship opportunities, guiding and challenging students as they take learning to the next level.Read more

One Book

Azusa Pacific’s scholars cite one overriding reason for the Bible’s preeminence as impetus for academic and creative production—its position as the primary Source for insight into God’s Truth.Read more


Student Leaders Embark on Walkabout

Walkabout, now in its 39th year, serves as a rite of passage, a transformative experience that challenges the whole person: physically, spiritually, socially, intellectually, and emotionally.Read more

Telling Stories, Transforming Minds

APU alumna Elizabeth (Schuler '05) Smith strives to transform minds and make a difference in the world through pursuing a career in screenwriting and creative storytelling in a world where television, movies, and digital media dominate influence.Read more


Spiritual Victory

Kevin Dickson '04 and his wife, Daniela, seek to bring hope of the Gospel to the Czech Republic, leading to revival among the nation's youth and transforming society.Read more

Symphony Orchestra Performs Rare Swedish Symphony

The APU Symphony Orchestra's spring concert featured a rare performance of Swedish composer Allan Pettersson's Symphony No. 7, marking only the second U.S. performance of this piece and the West Coast debut of any Pettersson symphony.Read more

Equal Footing

Track and Field member Trenten Merrill ’14 strives toward his post-collegiate aspirations of competing in the U.S. Paralympic Trials facing several challenges along the way, but remaining determined.Read more

APU Celebrates Brain Awareness Week

Joining in the international initiative to raise awareness about brain health and advances in neurobiological research, APU held its second annual celebration of Brain Awareness Week this spring.Read more

APU's Kresge Plaza Undergoes Construction

West Campus undergoes summertime sprucing, including the planting of two mature live oak trees in Kresge Plaza, renovations to the water feature that encircles Darling Library, and additional lighting.Read more

Sisters, Science, and Salvation

A program officer for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, and an NIH health scientist partner in exemplifying the power of a balanced approach that unites efforts of science and theology, and increases the impact of both.Read more

Common Day of Learning Promotes Scholarship

Suspending all regular activities and classes for the day, faculty, staff, and students gathered to share their academic discoveries at the 21st Annual William E. and Ernest L. Boyer Common Day of Learning conference.Read more

University Earns WASC Reaccreditation

APU earned a nine-year reaccreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and received commendation for the university's commitment to its core values and Christian identity.Read more

Filmmakers Transforming Lives

Christianity Today's July 2013 issue profiles Anders Lindwall '08 and Ricky Staub '06 founders of a film company that transforms the lives of the homeless living in Philadelphia.Read more


The Joy of Funk

Zach Rudulph '02 plays bass internationally with major pop groups and for television shows, always performing with joy and emanating his faith in Christ in both Christian and secular contexts. Read more

Tackling Stereotypes

Boldly defying the notion that football is the archetypal sport of men, Natalie Gorman '12 runs a winning women's football team that builds players' health and sense of belonging.Read more

Advancing the Work of Freedom

Whether acting as a war correspondent in Iraq, earning his law degree, writing for major national publications, or working to solve government policy problems, Robert Alt '98 seeks to ensure freedom and equal opportunity in all that he does.Read more


Principled Leadership

APU's School of Education prepares the next generation of professional, caring educators to make a difference in the lives of students across the United States.Read more

Meet APU Alumna Carmen Roth ’12

Carmen Roth ’12, recipient of the Ronald Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, APU’s highest student recognition, lives a life infused with a love for nature, academics, people, and most of all, God. Read more


Revisiting Life Behind the Berlin Wall

Jim Willis, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Communication Studies, offers a reminder of the danger of oppression and value of freedom by retelling the stories of the people trapped behind the Berlin Wall.Read more

APU Finds New Ways to Go Green

Earth Day serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental stewardship, and APU continues to find new ways to encourage the university community to go green. Read more

Keeping History Alive

APU's Keeping History Alive (KHA) program bolsters K–12 history and social science education by awarding grants to Los Angeles County teachers to enrich their students' learning.Read more

China's Explosive Economy: Help or Harm?

In light of the rising success of the Chinese economy, the United States can celebrate with China, assist her in her development, and learn from her wise treatment of consumption and investment in the future.Read more

APU Unveils Knowledge Over Time Mural

As the world celebrates the 500th anniversary of Michelangelo’s frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Azusa Pacific University students created their own masterpiece that pays homage to his most famous panel, “The Creation of Adam.”Read more

Depth of Field

APU faculty merge impressive credentials, rich experience, care for students, and transformative faith as they conduct world-changing research, inspire learning, and empower students to make a difference in their disciplines.Read more

APU Hosts U.S. Poet Laureate

APU welcomed Robert Pinsky, Ph.D., former United States Poet Laureate and one of America's most beloved poets, to present a sampling of his powerful, imaginative poems as part of the James L. Hedges Distinguished Lecture Series.Read more


New Vice Provost Named

Vicky Bowden, DNSc, RN, brings her leadership skills, scholarship, and dedication to APU as she helps grow and strengthen the university in her new role as vice provost for undergraduate programs.Read more

God at the Oscars

The subject of God permeated this year's Oscar-nominated films, illustrated by the powerful testimonies found in stories like Les Miserables and Life of Pi.Read more

The Price of Perfection

APU alum Irene Ortiz-Glass '93, successful corporate executive, accepted God's unwavering grace after battling addiction and learned what it truly means to succeed.Read more

Why Do We Study Abroad?

More and more students are making academic pilgrimages to other countries, cultures, and environments. What is it that makes studying abroad so appealing?Read more


Empowered to Hope

APU alumnus Don Rogers '81 fights poverty and transforms lives across Africa through Empowering Lives International (ELI).Read more

Establishing A College Connection

Connections, an annual preview day event hosted by APU's Office of Multi-Ethnic Programs, encourages underrepresented high school students to attend college by giving them a personalized glimpse of the APU community. Read more

New College Unites Music and the Arts

The School of Music and Departments of Art and Design, and Theater, Film, and Television join forces in fall 2013 to form the new College of Music and the Arts, enhancing collaboration and creativity among the students of all three disciplines.Read more

Called to the Show

APU alumnus Ruben Niebla ’95 attains his dream job as interim pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians. Read more


APU Receives Major Science Grant

A National Science Foundation grant awarded to Bin Tang, Ph.D., professor of computer science, funds groundbreaking research to develop innovations in data preservation and storage alongside his students.Read more