The Time Is Now: A Call to Stand

by Jessica Boggs '03

The Call to Stand, a student-sponsored event was based off Joshua 24:14-15 and Mark 8:38.

Prayer, confession, accountability, and adoration were just a few of the things that filled Adams field on October 17. The Call to Stand, a student-sponsored event was based off Joshua 24:14-15 and Mark 8:38. Students wanted to heighten their commitment to Christ while stepping out in faith to tell others about what God is doing in their lives.

Prior to the gathering, students were asked to fast and pray. The fast began October 16 at 10 p.m. and was broken with the Lord’s Supper at 10 p.m. as a family. UTCC was open for fasting students to pray and fellowship with other participants.

The Call to Stand, began with worship. The students were encouraged to do as they felt led and worship how they wanted to. Some students silenced their hearts before God, while others cried out. Small groups formed in the seated crowd as students began to pray. They prayed for the university, its students, and revival. A microphone was available for students to share what God had been doing in their lives, and to make statements about their commitments. Students came forward and asked for accountability in different areas and proclaimed their desire to break free from the mold of complacency.

There was a sign up table for students to commit to pray in 20-minute blocks for the university, wrapping the university in prayer 24 hours a day.

Yellow bracelets were handed out to serve as a reminder of the commitments made that evening. “Tonight is a stand to surrender our lives to Christ,” said Dave Wallace, ASB senator. “These bracelets are not to form another club around campus, but to serve as a reminder and open ourselves up to those who need prayer.”

“I’m not a big fan of public forums, but the purpose behind this one was great and the worship was awesome,” said Nick Roseta ’05. “It was an amazing experience.”