Notes from the Field: Cambodia, May 23

by Jason Veenker

I hope everyone is doing well and not suffering in the heat like I am! Our week stay in Singapore has been incredibly amazing as we have been guest to many household, dinner table, lunch outings, and worship services. The culture experience has been a blessing over my last trip here two years ago. In fact, I ate dinner tonight in one of the places I had dinner my last time round these parts! God has prepared us so much, from last minute supplies to culture tips to language advice (chum reap suer – “Hello” in Khmer). All four of us are excited to go, nervous and anxious all at once. God has blessed us with an amazing foundation of support here on this island, so I am thankful for all of that.

We leave Friday morning (May 24) to Phnom Penh. We are meeting another team from Singapore while there, so it will be nice to see some familiar faces! Pray for our health and safety -- already the change in diet (seems that all Singaporeans do is eat and shop!) has affected some of us, but the choice and variety are welcome and the tastes are unsurpassable! Thank you for your support -- I will eventually get back to you all once I get to Phnom Penh and have a chance to settle down.