APU Gives Students New Places to Eat, Sleep, and Study

by Daniel Fritz

Anyone on campus this summer may have noticed an irregular influx of bulldozers, construction workers, and hard hats. In an effort to make the campus more suitable for the rapidly rising number of students, APU’s Office of Construction and Operational Planning is hard at work in order to make the September 3 deadline for all three of the concurrent on-campus summer projects: Trinity Hall, The Grove, and Heritage Café.

The largest, and perhaps most noticeable, project is Trinity Hall. Set in motion in May 2002, this five-story, 103,000 square foot building is the largest on campus, with the capacity to house 350 freshman students.

"Trinity Hall was designed with community in mind," said Jim Theel, director of construction and operational planning, in reference to each wing’s meeting rooms, prayer rooms, and overall configuration of the building. In addition, Theel said the designers intentionally strayed from creating an "institutional feel" by installing double-hung windows in the dorm rooms, windows in the stairwells, and curved areas along the hallways. Each dorm room is approximately the same size as a room in Smith or Adams Halls.

With students moving in since August 10, Trinity is complete and ready to house APU students for years to come.

East Campus is not the only place where the sound of construction equipment can be heard. Surrounding the John and Marilyn Duke Academic Complex and the west side of the Mary Hill Center, another project is underway. Beneath the soon-to-be-installed canopy of gold medallion and pink trumpet trees, students can expect a shady and more enjoyable eating and studying area on West Campus called The Grove. This 90-day project completion is expected by the beginning of September.

Further into the architecture of APU’s West Campus, students can soon expect to find a new and improved Heritage Café. The café’s layout is currently transforming from its former fast food style restaurant to a style closer to a mall food court, with various types of food places sandwiched next to one another. The space where the previous Heritage Café resided will serve as an enclosed space that seats 160 people. Among items offered here include food and beverages from a deli and coffee juice bar. In addition, everything is pre-made so students can get their food faster and run to class.

Be sure to check out all of the new and exciting changes that took place on our campus over the summer.