Christians in the General Election

by Kevin Mannoia, Ph.D.

There is perhaps no greater challenge to the Christian than to engage in relevant issues around us while also being Christ-like. All of us walk in this tension–to live a hopeful, grace-filled life in a strident, combative world.

An election year underscores this tension, especially one as contentious as this current season. So we who walk with Christ, who claim the character of Christ, who bring the hope of salvation to the world, are especially called to live in a way that reflects Him well. As we engage responsibly in public issues that will affect us all, I invite us as a Christian community to embrace the deep character of Christ within. From our rich diversity, we come together to shine the light of Christ as a hopeful call to one another and the world around us.

Each Monday leading up to the election in November, Azusa Pacific will publish a message on the fruit of the Spirit written by an APU community member.

May this serve as a testimony to the unity of the Spirit amidst the diversity of opinions we may represent. Let us use these weeks as a fresh opportunity to walk humbly as people of God so that the world may know of Jesus and His love!

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Kevin Mannoia, Ph.D., is chaplain at Azusa Pacific University.