Lecture Tackles Science and Faith

by Sean Fitzpatrick '04

APU's Center for Research in Science, directed by Leslie Wickman, Ph.D., holds lectures every month for the purpose of discussing topics related to science and faith. Topics range from creation and the universe to using science to validate the claims of the Evangelical Christian faith.

On October 22, Richard Deem, founder of godandscience.org, gave a presentation on the creation model of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), along with an investigation into the claims of the Book of Mormon in an attempt to help attendees better understand LDS doctrine.

Deem, who has an extreme passion for using scientific evidence to defend Evangelical Christianity, has done extensive research into the claims made by the LDS church. In his presentation, Deem noted that LDS doctrine teaches that the universe was originally created by a council of gods, and that the God of our Earth, Elohim, was once a man who lived on the planet Kolob.

Deem's lecture also included information about inconsistencies between the Book of Mormon and scientific facts. He spoke about mentions of wheat, cattle, and horses in the Book of Mormon, things that did not exist in the Americas prior to the arrival of Spanish conquistadors.

The purpose of Deem's lecture was to defend the traditional Evangelical creation model by pointing out doctrines in the LDS faith that differ from that of mainstream Evangelical Christianity. Since the beliefs of the Latter-Day Saints are such a huge topic of interest, lecture attendees asked many questions in attempts to understand a faith that is different from their own.

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